Ok, so whats the scoop?

made In 415, is a San Francisco started web development consultancy with an international presence.

We can throw down so fancy buzzwords, and we will, but we also choose the best tools to get the job done. So here goes:

  • Full LAMPs Stack Development (MVC Frameworks: Cake, Codeignitor) with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and of course PHP/MySQL. Custom CMS Development
  • Wordpress Development (Custom Theming, Custom Fields/Queries, Plugin Development)
  • API integrations and API Development (Slim)
  • Marketing (HTML Emails, Landing Pages/SEO/A-B Testing)
  • Web Maintenance, Data Migration and Content Creation (including Social Media)

Web Development & Integrations

  • Modern Web Development

    HTM5 and CSS3 power combined with PHP, MySQL custom solutions, Wordpress and API Development. We understand usability and functionality.

  • Responsive and Usable

    We can develop for the small screen or big screen. Our sites work on browsers, tablets and full screen devices.

  • Analysis and Collaboration

    Lets chat and we can come up with a range of options and solutions for your project.

  • Integration

    Connect with an API or have us develop the API. Bring in data from single or multiple sources.

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Oh the Client List

We have made lots of startups, companies and organizations successful!

Your web development needs an experienced developer; not an intern and definitely not someone learning on the job. These companies and organizations agree:

ActiveReasoning, AHAN, AJComptonPesl, The Animal Museum, AsgardPress, Astani Consulting, At The Crossroads, BeconnectedUSA, BF Studio, Call + Response, CarouselHouse, Casebase, COCOdeep, BT infonet, Core Mobility, Digsound, DogAndCatId, Dolby, EurakaHire, Fonav, FUNframer, Graphic Awakenings, Happycow, Kavinga Communications, MusicMarket360, Posit Science, Power Science, Primadesk, Sun Microsystems, Teachscape, TextALibrarian (Mosio), ThePuppyChannel, Secara, US LightingTech, VegReady, Vipassana Hawaii, What Vegans Eat?, Working Animal Advocates, Xdrive, Yahoo, Yummy Plants, Zoe Nature

to discuss what we can do for you.


Lots of Yeses and maybe some Noes

Yeses (We can):

  • Work with non-profits, startups and bigger companies
  • Build complete sites and can do projects/one-offs/special features or events
  • Work project-based, hourly or retainers
  • Do ongoing development, maintenance and IT-things (backups etc)
  • Will admit if the project is not a good fit with us or will let you know if the project is great but we just are booked up too much

Noes (We will not):

  • Redo your whole site for free after it was botched by an outsourced team
  • Lie to you and promise your site will make you rich
  • Lie to you and promise your site will be on the first page of Google with some SEO magic
  • Subcontract the job to an outsourcer, intern or someone learning on the job

to discuss what we can do for you.

* Why the chick? Well we love all animals and we wanted to see if you scrolled this far!